Excel for Mac – New features

I don’t use a Mac, but I’ve just seen an exciting announcement on the release notes for the newest Insider Fast build for Excel for Mac 16.6 (Build 171001) on a 365 subscription.  Check out the full article here. The article also contains details about installing Excel for Mac.

The new features include:

  • Collaborate – For Office 365 subscribers, you can edit at the same time with others for workbooks stored in OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • New functions – For O365 subscribers, use the new IFS and SWITCH functions to simplify and shorten your formulas.
  • Better support for charts with a PivotTable as the data source – charts will update if you update the PivotTable.
  • Table Slicers – Add a Slicer to filter your tables quickly.
  • New and modern chart types – for O365 subscribers, visualize your data with new chart types, including Box & Whisker, funnel, histogram, Pareto, sunburst, treemap, and waterfall.
  • Updated Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – Some additional methods, properties, and objects available to Windows Office users will now work on Mac as well. There are still differences between the Mac and Windows Object Model, so you will still see “not supported on this platform” for some elements. More details on the Object Model changes will be available soon.

Be aware that Insider Fast builds can still be a little bit unpolished and not everything may work perfectly. But if you try it out and provide feedback with the smiley icon, that feedback will go directly to the Excel team and will get their attention.


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