Choosing a chart

Last week, during the MVP Global Summit conference at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, I had the opportunity to record a video in the professional Microsoft production studios. The production team pulled out all the stops and we got the whole treatment with backstage crew, hair, makeup, lighting, several cameras and a lot of professional atmosphere. I did a little demo about why pie charts are not the best data visualisation in all scenarios and here is my video:

If you want to follow the steps here is the Excel file I used:

Summit Video Pie chart demo


  1. What? No mention of Wellington being the gateway to craft beer? Outrageous! Otherwise this is the best advert for NZ since John Key appeared on Letterman. 🙂 Not to mention a great critique of Jon Peltier’s least favorite food.

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    • Sorry, Jeff, I was composing the concept while waiting for a delayed flight in San Francisco. The importance of Wellington breweries completely slipped my mind. I DID wonder if I should engage the support of the NZ Tourism Board, though. PS (email me with details about Jon P’s food non-preferences)

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